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Shanghai international trade a single window to deepen the construction scheme


The China securities network - (reporter Song Weiping) 13, 2017 Shanghai port work leading group meetings to discuss reviewed the single window of Shanghai international trade (2017-2020), deepening the construction plan (draft).


Scheme is put forward, Shanghai will reach 2020, build a conform to the requirements of the new system construction of an open economy with the international advanced level of the international trade of a single window, universal coverage port law enforcement and trade management, fully into all kinds of license and qualification certification, fully available port logistics links, the comprehensive realization of the sharing of information interchange function innovation business developing trade in services and free trade zone, a comprehensive regional customs clearance and logistics application function, and the international implementation of the single window interconnectivity, become the important hub of international trade network nodes.


According to the plan, Shanghai will get national support, promote Marine electronic departure card, manifest, certificate of origin, AEO certification such as pilot project of international cooperation, promote "neighbourhood" all the way along the route and the information exchange between the world's major trading partner countries and Shared services.


In addition, Shanghai will further optimize the platform and the expansion of port service function, performance pay for extensions, financing, and other functions is applied, including docking port tax payment system, and port related business charge system, establish bills in a single window, and can directly to handle the payment and the query. Promoting service trade related foreign exchange settlement, export tax rebates and other business to deal with. Promote port and trade in the field of guarantee, mortgage, insurance and other related business, to support commercial Banks and other financial institutions to carry out based on the goods flow, information flow and cash flow matching such as financial service mode innovation and new business development.


In February 2014, the Shanghai launch international trade a single window, implemented by the end of 2016 the Shanghai international trade a single window construction plan put forward three years of construction tasks. On December 30, 2016, Shanghai single window version 3.0 online, realize the function of application areas, Shanghai enterprise may declare the nonlocal port in and out of the goods, foreign companies can declare via Shanghai port in and out of the goods.

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